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Parents: Buy your Kids a Hammer

Or crayons, a Guitar, Fishing rod or A book. Anything that you and your child can share experiences, thoughts, lessons or just some quality time. Soon, little Pascal will not be able to screw on light bulbs with the way we are going.

With more and more technology being introduced to all our lives, everybody is talking about tangible things like the negative effect it has on health, concentration and body development. But no one is talking about the other important things like losing out on natural key interactions with our kids, which they need from us.

We as parents, have a responsibility to pass on our knowledge and experiences in life to our next of kin so they have a more guided way and can hopefully be more successful, prosperous and happy in whatever they do. Now they are learning more and more from technology and not from people.

Is Alexa going to teach them how to foot the turf and when it is ready to take home? Doubtful.

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The online gaming, TV watching, and virtual reality realms are taking the world by storm. And we are losing out on important time with our kids. Now, we are not saying you should spend every minute of everyday with your child. And we are not saying that you should remove all technology-oriented activities from their lives either. There is a healthy balance with all of this.

Teaching your children snippets of advice is not always about sitting them down and giving them the finger wagging treatment. There’s the environment where it is enjoying for both of you. Like teaching your daughter how to play Wonderwall on the guitar and reminiscing about the time you saw them live in Slane, or showing them how to skin and debone a fish, or sharing your thoughts on George Orwell’s “1984” and discovering the real meaning behind the term “Big Brother”. These small invaluable exchanges can shape their lives and help develop them and their mind.

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We are not telling anyone how to perfectly parent or saying that there is a perfect parent. We just hope that the children of the current generation get to share some of their best experiences with their loved ones.


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