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Pike Fishing Rod Ireland

Pike Fishing Rods - 3 things to consider when buying one

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Three things to consider when buying a Pike Fishing rod

When you are fishing for Pike, you need to make sure of a few things when choosing your fishing rod. You will need a Rod that is versatile and is strong enough to deal with powerful pulls from a strong pike. Your Pike fishing rod should be anywhere from 7 to 12 ft long. You will also want a fishing rod with fast action on it to allow you to hook the Pike easier. We are going to focus on the following areas when discussing how we should pick the best pike fishing rod for you:

  • Casting Weight
  • Rod Action
  • Fishing Rod Power


Casting Weights

To know what casting weight you should use, you have to ask yourself how big of a Pike you are chasing. If you are trying to hook a monster; you will need a bigger lure. Therefore you will need a Pike fishing rod that has a larger casting weight. You could go with something in the in-between like a 15-50g casting weight. That way you can switch it up to more lighter lures if you feel the big ones just are not biting.


Rod Action

There are several different types of Rod actions. These are Extra fast, Fast, Moderate Fast, Moderate and Slow. A fast action rod is more sensitive or it pulls higher up the rod faster than a slower action rod, and it will return to it’s natural shape quicker. Given the rod will catch tension quicker, it will be quicker to hook a pike than a slow action rod. The faster the action on your Pike fishing rod the better


Rod Power

There are seven different variations of power when it comes to Pike Fishing Rods. These are Ultra-light, Light, Medium-Light, Medium, Medium-heavy ,Heavy and Extra heavy. These power label let’s you know how much pressure it will take to bend your Pike fishing rod. An Heavy rod can take more pressure than a light fishing rod. When fishing for Pike, using a heavier rod is more suited given that they are a powerful fish.


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1 comment

  • Your pike rod needs to be at lest 2lb test curve for frowning big dead baits aswell as able to handle the pike as rod has to have some give in blank .good rod good reel and strong braid will keep u and pike safe on and of water..

    - Darren Anthony shortt

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