The Radio Dog Fence Guide: Taking Care Of Your Pet's Security

The Radio Dog Fence Guide: Taking Care Of Your Pet's Security

Every dog owner has had that nightmare of coming home to find their furry friend racing around the yard or chasing squirrels up trees. If you are sick and tired of your pup escaping out into the world, there is a way to keep them safe and sound at home. Read on to learn more about radio dog fences and how they can help you reclaim control over your garden

What is a Radio Dog Fence?

A radio dog fence is a type of electronic fence that uses radio waves to keep your dog contained in your yard. It is a safe and effective way to keep your dog from wandering off and getting lost. Radio fences are easy to install and can be customized to fit the size of your yard.

dog trace analog

Why Install a Dog Radio Fence

If you're tired of your dog escaping to the garden, you may want to consider installing a radio invisible fence. A radio fence is a type of fence that uses radio waves to keep your dog contained. It's a safe and effective way to keep your dog from running off, and it can be used in conjunction with a regular fence. Here are some reasons why you should install a dog radio fence: 

1. It's a safe way to keep your dog contained. Radio fences are safe for both dogs and humans. The only thing that emits the radio waves is the transmitter, which is mounted on the outside of the fence. 

2. It's an effective way to keep your pooch from running off. A radio fence creates an invisible barrier that your dog cannot cross. Once they learn their boundaries, they will stay within the limits of the fence. 

3. It's a humane way to keep your dog contained. There is no shock involved with a radio fence, so it is a humane way to keep your dog contained. 

4. It's easy to install and use. Radio fences are easy to install and use. You can do it yourself in just a few hours, and there

How does it work?

A radio fence is a type of pet containment system that uses radio waves to keep your dog within a certain area. You can put the radio fence wire around your desired area. The system consists of a transmitter that emits a radio signal, and a receiver radio dog collar that your dog wears. When the receiver collar enters the radio signal area, it emits a warning beep.

If your dog continues past the warning beep, it will receive a static correction. The static correction is not harmful, but it is unpleasant for your dog and will deter him from continuing past the boundary.

Types of Radio Dog Fence

There can be wired dog fences and wireless dog fences. If you're like most dog owners, you've probably had the experience of your dog escaping to the garden, or running off into the woods. It can be frustrating and even dangerous if your dog gets lost. A radio fence is a great way to keep your dog safe and secure in your yard.

There are two main types of dog radio fences: underground and wireless. Underground radio fences are buried around the perimeter of your property. They emit a radio signal that triggers a collar worn by your dog.

When your dog approaches the perimeter of the fence, the collar emits a warning tone. If your dog continues toward the fence, the collar will deliver a mild shock.

Underground fences are very effective, but they can be expensive to install. Wireless fences are a more affordable option. They work by emitting a radio signal from a base station that is placed in your home.

The signal travels in a circular pattern around the base station. You can adjust the radius of the signal to create a safe area. Wildhunter have multiple dog fences. We have petsafe radio fence and petsafe wireless which can be perfect for your pooch. With pet fence, a petsafe radio collar will work perfectly.


The other brand you can get from Wildhunter is Dog Trace, they provide dog fence either digital dog fence or analog dog fence, You can get one according to your needs. You can get an exta reciever and just one fence if you have more than one dog. You can buy a gps dog fence which are a little expensive

dog trace digital


Wireless fences are less obtrusive than underground fences, and they're easier to set up. However, they don't provide as much protection as underground fences because the signal can

Pros and Cons of Installing a fence

If you're considering installing a radio fence for your dog, there are a few things to consider first. In this blog post, we'll go over the pros and cons of installing a dog radio fence so that you can make the best decision for your pet.

Why radio dog fences are good: 

1. A radio fence can be a great way to keep your dog contained in your yard without having to build a physical fence. 

2. Radio fences are usually very affordable, especially compared to the cost of building a physical fence. 

3. They're also easy to install – you can do it yourself in just a few hours.

The Cons: 

1. One of the biggest drawbacks of a radio fence is that it won't physically stop your dog from leaving your property – it will only give them a mild shock if they try to cross the boundary. 

2. If your dog is determined to escape, they may be able to find their way around the fence or dig under it. 

3. Radio fences can also be harmful to other animals in your neighborhood – if your dog gets loose and starts chasing them, they could get hurt by the shock collar.

A Step By Step Guide

1. Choose the right type of radio fence for your needs. There are several different types of radio fences available on the market, so it's important to choose the one that's right for you and your dog. If you have a small dog, for example, you'll need a different type of fence than if you have a large dog.

2. Follow the instructions carefully. Once you've chosen the right type of radio fence for your needs, make sure to follow the instructions carefully in order to install it correctly. Skipping steps or not following the instructions properly could result in an ineffective fence.

3. Train your dog to use the fence properly. Once the fence is installed, it's important to train your dog how to use it properly. This usually involves wearing a special collar that emits a warning sound when they get too close to the boundary of the fence. With proper training, your dog will learn to stay within the confines of the fence and won't be able to escape to the garden anymore.


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