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Gunsmithing Services

Call us at Athlone 090 6470344 or Galway 091 735 735 for any gun repairs needed in our fully equipped workshop. You can also email our gunsmith Steve , 

       Hot Bluing/Blacking of Barrels and Actions:

We offer a full gun bluing service. We use the tradtional hot bluing method. Your barrel or action can be blued with 3 different options, Matt black, satin black or high gloss finish. If you would like to have your barrels refurbished and improve its condition to like new , then drop your gun into us and we will bring to the workshop and complete the work.

Firing Spring:

The firing springs are the coil springs that put the force behind the hammer.  After time, these springs become weak, causing light primer strikes, misfires and in some cases double discharges.  The firing springs, also called mainsprings are a maintenance part and should be checked every season.

Make/Fit V Spring:

                A “V” spring are the firing/main springs found in many side by side shotguns.  These springs do not wear out as quickly as coil springs, but they can and do sometimes break.  The shaping and fitting of these springs is time consuming and labor intensive as the action must be reassembled and checked for proper function multiple times during the process of fitting.

Replace / Make Firing Pin:

 Firing pins wear out and sometimes break. Everytime the trigger is pulled, the hammer hits the firing pin with force.  Over time this stress can round over the firing pin back, or tip can break off completely, causing light strikes and misfires.  When a firing pin must be replaced, new pins are machined out of hardened stainless steel.

Standard Cleaning: 

Firearms must be cleaned to function reliably and effectively.  When oil is allowed to dry up or dirt and residue build up, this causes excessive strain and stress on the internal parts of the firearm.  This leads to increased wear and will cause misfires, double discharges, heavy triggers and more.  The standard cleaning involves basic disassembly of the firearm to the major parts, a thorough cleaning and proper lubrication.  This type of cleaning is recommended every time the firearm is used.

Full Deep Clean / Ultra sonic:

This is an upgrade from the standard cleaning.  The deep clean involves a complete disassembly of the firearm, down to the last pin.  Each part is brushed and then placed into an Ultrasonic cleaner.  The Ultrasonic cleaner uses high frequency sound to vibrate the parts and cleaning solvent to dislodge and dissolve all the oil and debris that has built up, even in the smallest areas.  Once clean the parts are inspected, lubricated and reassembled.  This service is recommended once a year.

Full Refurb of Action:

                Each time you shoot a firearm, an explosion goes off, and while firearms are designed specifically for this, it does cause stress and wear.  A full refurb of the action includes a full deep clean, new firing springs, firing pins if needed, and tightening of the lockup.  If your barrel drops free when you push the lever, it may be time for a refurb.

Full Restoration of Whole Gun:

                A full restoration is the works and can vary greatly.  Meet with the gunsmith to discuss the full restoration details. Basically, the firearm is completely disassembled and deep cleaned.  Depending on what you want, the metal is refinished to either a high gloss or a matte blued/blacked finish, the stock is refinished in either a hard gloss or oil rubbed finish.  Every part is inspected and checked, replaced if need be.  This is a very intensive process and can take months to complete.

Barrel Honing :

                Honing a barrel is used to remove built up lead and powder from the bore that cleaning leaves behind.  It can also remove imperfections left from dent removal, or even light pitting. 

Barrel Threading:

                Barrels can be threaded to any suitable thread pitch. We use a lathe and indicate off the bore to within 5 thousandths of a millimeter to make sure the threads are cut concentric to the bore so there is no risk of damaging a moderator.


                Barrels are crowned for accuracy or when the muzzle has been damaged.  Crowning is usually 11 degrees, but can be done to any angle desired.

Barrel Dent Removal:

                A dent in a shotgun barrel is dangerous and should not be fired, usually these dents can be repaired.  We use a specialized tool to support the barrel from the inside and carefully raise the dent. 

Rib Dent Removal:

  The ribs on shotguns are notoriously soft and easily dented, but they can be repaired and straightened.

Blacking /Bluing:

                The finish on most firearms is called blacking or bluing, which is basically a chemical conversion of the surface of the metal to black oxide.  Our process for blacking/bluing is a hot caustic salt bath.  Parts are cleaned and prepared to the desired finish and then placed in the salt bath to blacken.  Once the blacking takes, the parts are rinsed clean and then covered in a dewatering oil to remove all traces of moisture.  Matte finishes are created by bead blasting the parts, high gloss finishes are achieved by hand sanding and polishing.



Oiled Rubbed Stock:

                The classic wood gun stock finish!  The stock is stripped of the original finish and hand sanded.  Oil is applied in thin coats and rubbed in by hand.  This is allowed to fully dry(1-2 days) and the process is repeated until the finish is even.  This can take 5-20 coats, so it can take a while to complete, but it is well worth the wait.

Gloss Finish Stock:

                A high gloss durable finish.  Stock is prepared and sanded. The finish is sprayed on and left to dry.  Once dry, the finish is sanded with 600 grit and sprayed again.  This process is done 3 times and then left to cure for a week, then polished out to a high gloss.

Enamel Finish:

                If you are looking for a economical finish, or maybe just want a different look to the firearm, the stock is prepared and sprayed with three coats of a satin black industrial enamel.

Crack Repair:

                Cracks in stocks are a common problem, but in many cases the cracks can be reinforced and repaired. 

Stock Fitting:

                Sometimes a stock just needs to be replaced, but even with modern technology, a new stock does not always mate up to an action.  Stock fitting is the careful fitting of the new stock to the old action, making sure the proper contact areas and alignment are maintained.

We also offer different type of finishes like:

  • Matte Black barrel
  • High Gloss barrel
  • Matte black action
  • High Gloss action
  • Matte black barrel & action
  • High gloss barrel & action