Colt M1911 Airsoft CO2

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Product Description

The 1911 is arguably Colt's most famous pistol, in use since (as the name suggests) 1911. Designed by John Browning, the world renowned gun designer, he revolutionised the pistol world with this masterpiece.

It is one of the most common firearms in the world, with many different celebratory editions being released. This variant is to celebrate the anniversary of Armistace of WWII - these exclusive trademarks are only found on this limited edition pistol.

Manufactured by KWC, it is a full metal body, and powered by Co2 canisters (sold separately). The Co2 gives this pistol strong recoil, making it more realistic to shoot. Every time you squeeze the trigger it will put a smile on your face; who says you can't buy happiness?

The takedown on this replica is extremely realistic; remove the magazine, pull back the slide to the first notch, and remove the slide catch - remove the slide from the frame, and you have perfect access for cleaning and hop up adjustment. We recommend keeping the gun oiled after every 5 Co2 canisters, to keep your replica in tip-top shape.

As this is modelled after the 1911A1, you have the rounded main spring housing, shallow beaver tail safety, and single-sided safety. As the 1911 is a single action trigger, it is designed to be carried in a holster with the hammer cocked, and safety on - this affords a quick trigger pull when you need it most!