GunSafe 1300 mm (H) x250 mm(W) x 250mm (D)

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Product Description

Wildhunter has added a style to our collection. There are now 3 styles. They are all made to meet the BS Standards, with 2mm folded steel, the door rest on a continuous resting plate to prevent the bolts being cut with a blade.
The doors have folded edges making them anti-jammy bar. The hinges are fitted internally. The lock is a seven lever locking system and there are 3 locking bolts space evenly along the length of the door. The safes have 3 holes for bolting to the vault to the floor and walls. 3 bolts are provided.

Wildhunter Gun Vaults style are currently available in 2 sizes and the double lock safe in 1 style.
The GS1 has a new improved system that comes with a 2 Lock and Key system.

1300 mm high x 250 mm wide x 250mm deep.
This will hold 3 shotguns or rifles very comfortably.