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Load image into Gallery viewer, - RoyPow | 12V 100 amphr LiFePO4 Battery Ideal For Trolling Motors -  Batteries
Load image into Gallery viewer, - RoyPow | 12V 100 amphr LiFePO4 Battery Ideal For Trolling Motors -  Batteries
Load image into Gallery viewer, RoyPow | 12V 100 amphr LiFePO4 Battery Ideal For Trolling Motors
Load and play video in Gallery viewer, RoyPow | 12V 100 amphr LiFePO4 Battery Ideal For Trolling Motors

RoyPow | 12V 100 amphr LiFePO4 Battery Ideal For Trolling Motors

Product Description

RoyPow LiFePO4 lithium battery

These lithium (LiFePO4) batteries are waterproof to IP67, deliver
particularly strong performance, are easy to install and
can be checked by the user via the app. These batteries offer
high thermal and chemical stability, are also highly resistant
to extreme conditions and have built-in
protection features including overcharge, discharge,
overheat and short circuit protection as well as a pressure relief valve. They
work in both high and low temperatures,
can be used in salt and fresh water and are, among other things, perfectly compatible with
Minn Kota engines. The 24V/100Ah and 36V/100Ah models
have an automatic heating function integrated, which
makes the battery more tolerant when charging in cold temperatures.
A wired external battery charge level indicator is included with all batteries
. Lifespan: >3,500 cycles.
Screw terminals for the M8 thread of the batteries are optionally available.

Higher tolerance for charging in cold weather
Charging: approx. -20°C to 55°C / Discharging: approx. -20°C to 55°C
Storage (1 month): approx. -20°C to 55°C
Storage ( 1 year): approx. 0°C to 35°C

Waterproof and corrosion protected
IP67 and other protective functions make life
on the boat easier

Bluetooth monitoring of your battery from your smartphone.
Possible WiFi connection. No annoying signals
while fishing. Optional global network connection.



Dimensions (LxWxH mm)


max. discharge

Power your trolling motors with exceptional value.

With ROYPOW advanced lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, the batteries deliver stronger power, lighter weight, and last 3 times longer than lead acid batteries – providing exceptional value to your trolling motors.

Ideal for your trolling motors
  • > Focus on chasing a fish and enjoy countless hours on the water.

  • > Zero maintenance - no watering, no acid, no corrosions.

  • >Easy to install - special designed mounting holes bring an easy installation.

  • > Enduring power - easily power your trolling motors all day long.

  • > More useable capacity - without late-day voltage sag suddenly.

  • > Up to 10 years design life, longer lifespan.

  • > Backed up by 5 years extended warranty, ensuring you peace of mind.

  • > Up to 70% expenditures can be saved in 5 years.

  • > The specially designed mounting holes bring an easy and quick installation.

  • > Light weight, easy to maneuver and change directions.

  • > Drop-in replacements for lead-acid batteries.

  • > Resistant to vibration & shock.

  • You can fish freely withstanding the gale and waves.

  • > Enduring power helps to support spot-lock fishing all day.

  • > They are robust that enable a smoothly and steadily stay on the water.

  • > Enjoy your time & indulge your interest, value much for your fishing.

  •  The batteries can stay on board the equipment for charging.

  • > Can be recharged at any time without affecting battery life.

  • > Get rid of the risk of battery changing accidents.

  • Bluetooth - monitoring your battery from your mobile phone anytime via Bluetooth connectivity.

  • > Built-in equalization circuit, which can realize full time equalization.

  • > WiFi connection everywhere (Optional) - No network signals while fishing in the wild? No worries! Our battery has built-in wireless data terminal which can automatically switch to available network operators globally.

  • The LiFePO4 batteries possess high thermal and chemical stability.

  • > Waterproof & corrosion protection, highly resistant to extreme conditions.

  • > Multiple built-in protections, including over charge, over discharge, over heating and short circuit protection, etc.

  •  No need to endure the acid spills, corrosion, contamination.

  • > No regular filling of distilled water.

  • Our batteries are suitable for saltwater or freshwater.

  • > Work well in cold or high temperatures.

  • > With self-heating functions, they can be higher tolerant to cold weather when charging.(B24100H、B36100H、B24100V、B36100V with heating function)

  • > Help to withstand 15+ mph wind speed.

  • We offer systems for voltage of 12V, 24V, 36V with capacities of 50Ah, 100Ah. They are compatible for most trolling motor brands of MINNKOTA, MOTORGUIDE, GARMIN, LOWRANCE, etc.


Included in these prices is a contribution to recycling costs

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