Savage gear alien eel 40cm 07-magic

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Product Description

Savage Gear® Alien Eel Lure. For those who dare to catch bigger fish!

Fishing just got easier. The special shaped tail of the Alien Eel Lure ensures a deadly slow tail-kicking action on the retrieve, which drives big fish insane! Its enticing side fins vibrate and draw even more aggressive strikes.

Great for fishing at slow speeds or higher speeds with stops and jerks. Plus, it's designed with a closed circuit harness in stainless steel to maximize strength and durability. To put it simply... it's the most versatile Pike and Muskie lure ever created!


  • Seductive swimming action draws violent strikes
  • Super-strong jig hook and additional under body stinger hook
  • Hand-cut tail
  • Side fins elevate the strike point from the tail to the body of the bait