Scope Bauer 1" 3-12x56 L7

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Bauer 3-12x56

"I'd like to wear a general goggle. Bird and elk, the maximum price is five hundred". 

Well, let's make one thing clear at first: a binocular with less than € 800, which is not made by a well-known European manufacturer, is not a clean sweater, and there is no less than € 1,500 top-notch overall but there are compromise binoculars. In sales vouchers for less than € 500 binoculars are promised any features that are not really true.

We tested this item and the result was that two of our companies bought this one. The most annoying feature here was a small tube effect, but the good thing is that we didn't really invent any competitor at this price, which wouldn't be really bad for light transmission and eye distance. Here, both, maybe the most important things work well, even great. 

With little money for great value. Perhaps it best describes this. 


Magnification: 3-12 
Lens diameter 56 
Output beaker 18.6-4.6 Dusk 
Diopter adjustment +/- 2 
Field of view 100 m approx. 12-3 m 
Frame diameter 30mm 
Length 39 cm 
Weight 695 g 
warranty : 2 years