Stanley the Stickleback Shadtail 5,5cm 1,5g Dark Water Mix 6pcs

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The stickleback is the fatty and protein packed snack of choice for a wide range of toothy predator fish - and now you can fish one thanks to Westin. Stanley the Stickleback soft lure is a 3D scan of the real thing and can be fished comfortably in both saltwater and freshwater. Made from a super soft and flexible plastic, Stanley is just at home on a light traditional jighead or on a dropshot rig - he's not fussy, but he is tempting! Predators of all shapes and sizes will be attracted to its erratic swimming action, paddle tail, active eyes and hand painted colour details. * Optimized super soft flexibility * Active Eyes * Life-Like-Lure * Easy action paddle tail * Hand painted detailed colors