Tournament Waterproof Boat Bag S 40x25x26cm

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Kinetic® Tournament Waterproof Bag - Small

The smallest bag in the line of Tournament bags but with all the features you could ask for. 1 rod holder and 1 compartment for plier. We call it small, but it is not that small. check it out and you will be surprised.

  • 1 rod holder
  • 1 plier compartment
  • Very versatile
  • Superb way to protect your gear

Kinetic® Tournament Waterproof Bag - Medium

Same bag as above but smaller. The size will suit most anglers and we have added a rod holder as well as a holder for your plier.

  • 2 rod holders on the side
  • 2 compartments for plier
  • Ideal for fresh- and saltwater
  • Fit most anglers
  • Superb way to protect your gear