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Sniper Hog Lights | 40KAP LED Module

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IR 850NM
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40KAP LED Module

Fits only our 40KAP headlamp. Will not work in any other lights
Your choice of color(Red,Green,White,InfraRed)
The color of LED module determines the color of light the 40KAP will emit
Choose your color above in the options
Red shines 473 yards and puts out 47,000 Candela
Green shines 874 yards and puts out 159,751 Candela
White shines 800 yards and puts out 134,244 Candela
IR(InfraRed) 850nm shines over 1000 yards using Gen 3 night vision and 400 yards with digital night vision
IR(infraRed) 940nm shines over 700 yards using Gen 3 night vision and 300 yards with digital night vision
Only takes about 30 seconds to replace LED module in the 40KAP headlamp and no tools needed